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Chocolate Chip Firework Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Firework Granola Bars

Celebrate summer and Independence Day with these sizzling fun treats made with Sunbelt Bakery® Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars! Using simple, no-bake ingredients, take a few minutes to create a delicious, all-American snack. Try these for your summer backyard party, or bring into the office so everyone can share in the patriotic fun!

Makes 10 Servings

1 carton Sunbelt Bakery® Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars
1 pack white melting chocolate
Red, white and blue sprinkles

Wax paper
Microwavable bowl
Mixing spoon


  1. Unwrap each Chocolate Chip granola bar and place in freezer for up to 20 minutes
  2. Melt the white chocolate according to the directions on the package
  3. Remove granola bars from freezer; begin dipping into melted chocolate
  4. Dip half of the bar into the chocolate, letting the excess drip off
  5. Place each bar on the wax paper to harden
  6. Before chocolate sets, shake a small amount of sprinkles onto each bar
  7. Place in freezer if not serving immediately
  8. Remove and enjoy!

Creation Tips:
Change it up by using a different Sunbelt Bakery granola bar flavor, or a different color of melting chocolate with matching sprinkles! You can make them seasonal, too!

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